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          Book Club: Lived Through This

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          "Heart-stopping, beautifully rendered stories of survivors powerfully illustrating the notion that when we tell our stories, we change the story."

          —Eve Ensler, author of In the Body of the World and The Vagina Monologues


          Your purchase on Amazon Smile can benefit FaithTrust Institute by using this link:

          The online discussion took place on May 18. 2016.

          You can listen to a free recording of this fascinating conversation by clicking on this link:

          Discussion Participants: Author Anne K. Ream of Voices and Faces Project; Roger Canaff, Special Victim's Advocate; and Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune of FaithTrust Institute.


          ABOUT THE BOOK:

          "Lived Through This is a book that defies conventional wisdom about life in the wake of sexual violence, while putting names and faces on an issue that too often leaves its victims silent and invisible.

          Part personal history of Anne Ream’s own experience rebuilding her life after violence, part memoir of a multi-country, multi-year journey spent listening to survivors, Lived Through This is at once deeply personal and resolutely political."


          • Lived Through This Discussion Guide:
          • Voices and Faces Project:
          • in 2015 (on YouTube)


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