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                  You are here: Home >> Resources >> Bibliographies >> Clergy Sexual Abuse Bibliography

                  Clergy Sexual Abuse Bibliography

                  James Evinger's Annotated Bibliography of Clergy Sexual Abuse

                  by James S. Evinger, Rochester, New York
                  35th Revision (01/2020)

                  James S. Evinger has been involved with the prevention and intervention of sexual boundary violation cases in religious communities since 1995.

                  This extensive annotated bibliography on clergy sexual abuse provides resources on sexual boundary violations within the religious community. While the bibliography focuses on the position and role of clergy, the concept of sexual boundary violation by someone in a religious role is applied here to include other positions that also involve fiduciary trust and power (for example, a missionary or youth worker).

                  The bibliography is divided into four parts: Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Materials are arranged primarily by type and then alphabetically by author. The annotated entries are descriptive and intended to summarize the contents of the work in relation to the focus of this bibliography.

                  Introduction (PDF, 29 pages, 291 KB)

                  香蕉视频app安卓Description of the Purpose, Scope, Sources, and Content

                  Part 1 (PDF, 701 pages, 6.36 MB)

                  I. Non-Fiction Books, Book Chapters, Monographs, Booklets, and Packets

                  Part 2 香蕉视频app安卓(PDF, 623 pages, 5.59 MB)

                  IIa. Academic and Religious Articles and Papers from Academic and Religious Journals, World Wide Web, and Religious Magazines, Newsletters, News Services, and Pamphlets

                  香蕉视频app安卓IIb. Quantitative Research – Primarily Articles

                  IIc. Qualitative Research - Primarily Articles

                  Part 3 香蕉视频app安卓(PDF, 479 pages, 4.35 MB)

                  IId. Law Review, Legal Journal, and Legal Resource Articles

                  香蕉视频app安卓III. Unpublished Papers and Presentations

                  香蕉视频app安卓IV. Articles from Secular Newspapers, Newsweeklies, Magazines, Newsjournals, News Services, and the World Wide Web

                  香蕉视频app安卓V. Broadcast Materials from Sexual News Media: Videotapes, DVD Videodiscs, and Audiotapes

                  VI. Documentaries

                  香蕉视频app安卓VII. Reports Issued by Formal Inquiries

                  香蕉视频app安卓VIII. Novels, Fiction, Plays, Cinema, Art, Photography, and Poetry

                  IX. Theses and Dissertations

                  X. Training and Educational Materials

                  XI. Non-English Books and Articles, Not Annotated

                  XII. Archival Materials to Locate

                  XIII. Materials to Locate

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