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Sexual and Domestic Violence Bibliography

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香蕉视频app安卓This selected bibliography is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of sexual and domestic violence in a religious context. It may be of particular interest to congregations, clergy and other religious leaders, advocates, counselors, victims and survivors, and students.

香蕉视频app安卓The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author. The numbers before each entry correspond to the categories listed below. For example, [1, 2] denotes that the resource pertains to both sexual and domestic violence.

  1. Sexual Violence
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Child Abuse
  4. Clergy Ethics
  5. Teen Relationships/Dating Violence
  6. Jewish
  7. Protestant
  8. Catholic
  9. Buddhist
  10. Muslim
  11. Indigenous
  12. Spanish Language
  13. Asian Language
  14. Victim and Survivor Resources
  15. Immigrant
  16. African American
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