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                You are here: Home >> Resources >> Coronavirus Resources (COVID-19)

                Coronavirus Resources (COVID-19)

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                Our spiritual communities and advocacy organizations have created resources to address the challenges raised by the Coronavirus pandemic. We've created this page to make these available in one location for you. Please share!

                Violence at Home Signal for Help:

                Futures Without Violence Resources Page: This extensive list offers resources for survivors and advocacy organizations on safety planning, self-care, online digital safety,  shelter and housing, and the impact of social distancing on individuals and communities:

                Women of Color Network, Inc

                NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) 香蕉视频app安卓COVID-19 Resources page:

                NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center) COVID-19 Resource page:

                Center for Youth Wellness COVID-19 Resource Page:

                Urban Indian Health Institute Fact Sheet: A Historical Trauma-Informed Response to COVID-19

                WATER Tea: Coronavirus and Sexual and Domestic Violence
                Conversation with Mary E. Hunt, Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune, and Emily Cohen
                (from WATER)
                Recording: Marie Fortune's follow up blog post:

                The Brain Architects podcast: COVID-19 Special: Domestic Violence and Shelter in Place (from Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child)

                Webinar Recording: The Rise of Intimate Partner and Family Violence During the COVID-19 Crisis: How can chaplains & faith leaders respond? (from Odyssey Impact):

                Webinar Recording: Domestic Violence and Pastoral Care During COVID-19

                Webinar Recording: Mental Health Issues to Consider in Pastoral Care During This Pandemic Season

                Webinar Recording: Tools for Advocates Responding to COVID-19 and Domestic Violence (from Battered Women's Justice Program):

                Webinar Recording: Spiritual/Moral Dilemmas in COVID-19: How might spiritual care help (from Odyssey Impact):

                Ongoing Webinar Series: COVID-19: Pre-Existing Disparities Revealed (from United Methodist Church):

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