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                You are here: Home >> Resources >> Links >> OVW STOP Grantees and Sub-Grantees Resources

                OVW STOP Grantees and Sub-Grantees Resources


                OVW Resources PortletFaithTrust Institute works together with many partners from diverse ethnic groups, cultural institutes, faith communities, government and military agencies, various advocacy agencies, universities, and hospitals. These partnerships are at the core of our mission. We support and equip our partners in their work to end domestic and sexual violence, increase victim and survivor safety and address offender accountability.

                As Office of Violence Against Women STOP Grantees, Sub-Grantees, State Coalitions, Advocates, and Allies from faith communities, we welcome and invite you to access our web resources listed below in support of your work, particularly in cultural, interfaith, multifaith and faith-related aspects of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

                If you have questions or feedback about how FaithTrust Institute can better serve you, please contact Carolyn Scott Brown at

                Resources for OVW grantees and sub-grantees:

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