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                1. Donate Now


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                  Take Action

                  What you can do

                  Regardless of your level of expertise or financial position, there are many things you can do to help end sexual and domestic violence. Here are some ideas, though feel free to get creative!

                  Stay Informed

                  Show Your Support

                  • "Like" us on !
                  • Sign the National Declaration against violence.
                  • Tell us about your favorite educational material.
                  • Share how a FaithTrust Institute training or webinar has impacted you.
                  • Ask your Facebook friends to give to FaithTrust Institute as your birthday present. Last year, our Board President asked his Facebook friends to give $44 (or any amount they could) in honor of his 44th birthday.

                  Spread the Word

                  • Ask your faith community to adopt the Faith Community Declaration to Address Domestic Violence and Abuse. Use this document to foster important conversations about your congregation's role in addressing family violence.
                  • Publish a blurb about FaithTrust Institute in your newsletter. We can supply you with text or work with you to write an annoucement.
                  • Tell 5 friends about our next educational webinar.
                  • Host a house party.

                  Give a Gift

                  Offer Your Expertise

                  Document Actions