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                1. Donate Now


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                  You are here: Home >> Take Action >> Giving Options >> Outright Gifts of Appreciated Assets

                  Outright Gifts of Appreciated Assets

                  Assets that have appreciated in value and have been held for more than a year, such as stocks or real estate, can make an attractive gift with additional tax savings. You may be able to deduct the fair market value of the asset you give to the organization and avoid capital gains tax on the increased value. Thus, you may also want to consider donating real property not in use or purchased as an investment many years ago. Other unique gifts could include employee stock options, savings bonds, equipment and collections.


                  • You may be able to avoid capital gains taxes on the asset's appreciation.
                  • Depending on the property type and the gift method, you can decrease the income tax you will pay.
                  • Your gift starts working immediately for FaithTrust Institute, so you see the results.

                  Stock Transfer Form (PDF, 1 page, 146 KB)

                  For more information, contact Jane Fredricksen, Executive Director, at 206-634-1903 ext. 25 or

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