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                1. Donate Now


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                  You are here: Home >> Take Action >> Giving Options >> Other Ways to Help

                  Other Ways to Help

                  Host a House Party
                  Make an In-Kind Gift
                  Purchase Educational Materials for Your Faith Community or Social Service Organization
                  Speak about the Religious Issues of Sexual and Domestic Violence
                  Become a Trainer

                  Host a House Party

                  Share your commitment to FaithTrust Institute with friends and associates by hosting a gathering at your home. A representative from FaithTrust Institute will discuss the religious aspects of sexual and domestic violence, the programs and services that we offer and opportunities to get involved and help us address this urgent need. Events like these have been an effective way to secure lasting support and long-term relationships with people who want to work together to end sexual and domestic violence.

                  香蕉视频app安卓Or host a birthday party and ask your guests to bring a gift for FaithTrust Institute. One supporter hosted a 60th birthday party for herself and asked the guests to bring donations for FaithTrust Institute.

                  Make an In-Kind Gift

                  We are always grateful for individuals or organizations that want to donate items that facilitate our training programs and resource development. A few in-kind gift examples would be:

                  • Offices supplies and equipment
                  • Marketing expertise
                  • Public relations expertise
                  • Printing services
                  • Mailing services

                  For specific in-kind gift examples, contact Jane Fredricksen, Executive Director, at 206-634-1903 x25 or

                  Purchase Educational Resources for Your Faith Community or Social Service Organization

                  A gift that gives multiple times over! Consult with your faith community or social service organization as to what needs they have in educating their communities on the faith issues of sexual and domestic violence. FaithTrust Institute multimedia programs would greatly benefit these groups in being able to educate others on how to address the religious aspects of sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, clergy ethics and sexual assault. Your purchase helps us by getting the word out!

                  Order today by visiting FaithTrust Institute's resource catalog香蕉视频app安卓. Let us know that you are buying this on behalf of an organization that wants to work together to prevent sexual and domestic violence.

                  Speak out about the Religious Issues of Sexual and Domestic Violence

                  Awareness and education are the best tools to prevent sexual and domestic violence. Find opportunities to speak during a forum, service, gathering or other group meetings. Your speaking out helps your religious community effectively address and prevent sexual and domestic violence.

                  For assistance with a speaking opportunity, contact Jane Fredricksen, Executive Director, at 206-634-1903 x25 or

                  Become a Trainer

                  Do you have a background in theology or ministry and care deeply about the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse? If so, you may be an ideal candidate to become a trainer for FaithTrust Institute. We are always looking for individuals in geographies or religious communities where we currently have unmet needs.

                  For information, contact Carolyn Scott Brown, Director of Learning and Resources, at 206-634-1903 x23 or

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