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          Pledged Giving

          “Monthly donations help sustain FaithTrust Institute because we know we can count on your gift to support our work.” --Marie M. Fortune, Founder and Senior Analyst

          A pledge is a total gift amount made in installments over a period of time that you specify. You can set up a pledge by credit card. You may also make a pledge by mail or by phone. Call 206-634-1903 ext. 22 and ask to make a pledge by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover). If you prefer to make a pledge by mail, you can do so by either check or credit card.

          Download this pledge form (PDF, 1 page, 149 KB), and mail it to:

          FaithTrust Institute
          2900 Eastlake Ave. E., Suite 200
          香蕉视频app安卓Seattle, WA 98102

          After making your pledge, you will be mailed a gift receipt acknowledging your commitment and you will then also receive an annual letter for the total calendar year gifts.

          Join us today by setting up a monthly donation and help end sexual and domestic violence.

          For more information about pledged giving, contact Jane Fredricksen, Executive Director, at 206-634-1903 ext. 25 or

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