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          Training and Consulting

          Request training, register for training, view upcoming events 香蕉视频app安卓

          FaithTrust Institute offers a variety of training and consulting services for your congregation, denomination, seminary, or organization on the intersection of religion and:

          • Domestic violence
          • Healthy teen relationships
          • Sexual violence
          • Healthy boundaries for clergy and spiritual teachers
          • Prevention of sexual abuse by clergy
          • Child abuse

          香蕉视频app安卓Our education and training strategies create awareness, change minds, increase capacity for change and accountability, build local and national networks, and facilitate secular and religious collaboration.

          Attend an In-Person Training or an Online Multiple Week Course
          Take part in a two-day training offered on selected dates around the country on healthy boundaries and responding to clergy misconduct. Or attend a multiple week online course covering selected topics and including weekly lectures, assignments and forum discussions.

          ComputerAttend a Free Webinar
          Participate in one of our free webinars on a variety of topics including domestic violence, healthy teen relationships, and clergy ethics.

          Build a Training to Meet Your Needs
          Contract with us to have one of our trainers or speakers provide a training, keyote address, or presentation for your staff, conference, or event.

          Receive a Consultation
          Consult with one of our experts either in person or by phone about a situation at your organization.

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